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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Few Updates

As if the bathroom wasn't small enough already?!!? Ranger and Abby now have a new place they like to lay when mommy or daddy is taking a shower. It's always a challenge to figure out where to put your feet when you get out though. The bath mat is no longer an option. 

Since this picture was taken, Ranger has gotten his stitches removed and his lampshade taken off. He really did love his lampshade though. Michael took it off of him to practice the 'down' command. In the middle of the practice session, the phone rang. Mike left the room to go answer the phone. You would think that Ranger would have run around the house, free from his impediment. Not our dog. He picked it up and carried it to Michael in the other room, as if to say, "Wait a minute dad! You forgot to put my lampshade back on me." Too cute

We bought the babies a few new things this weekend. We purchased some rope from Lowes and made two ropes for them to play tug-o-war with. They love to play together in the backyard.

We also bought them doggie beds. We've figured out that Abby loves to lay on soft things. She goes into the dining room because the rug is softer to lay on than the hard wood floors. So instead of constantly going in to check on her and make sure she isn't eating the rug, we bought them new fluffy egg crate beds. 

Abby's thoughts on her new bed: Thank you...thank you....thank you.... I love my new bed. I'll lay on it forever and ever and roll around and snuggle with it.
Ranger's thoughts on the new bed: Who needs a bed when you can lay on mommy?! Notice where the dog is and where the bed is. Funny! 

At night, we now let them sleep in the hallway and move their beds in there for "night nights." They were sleeping in their kennel in the kitchen, but Abby would cry at 3:30 every night because she was lonely. Now they are nice and quiet and don't wake up until 4:30 for their morning run. :)

Our dog trainer has completed her three in-home sessions, and we have learned lots of new techniques. In 3 weeks, we have learned how to walk the dogs so they don't pull, but heel. We have learned how to keep them within the boundaries of our backyard, even when the gate is open. They have learned "come," "leave it," "back," "wait," and a few other commands. They still need lots of practice though. They have also learned how to play together nicely and chew their rawhides without fighting. The trainer was a great investment. We are still going to take group dog obedience classes however. We think the dogs need to be able to perform commands even with distractions. Those classes will start in the end of September.  

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