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Monday, August 11, 2008

Things We Like to Chew

This only a short list of the things that Ranger and Abby have discovered that they like to chew. The list begins with the pictures above.
1.) Pier 1 Rug on all 4 corners and center
2.) Cheap black sweater with belt from Kohls- They only liked the belt.
3.) Free Angels fleece blanket- we donated this one to the dogs.
4.) Crayola crayons- Abby prefers magenta while Ranger enjoys blue green and brown
5.) Water bottles- Ranger prefers to pull the entire case down from the top of the washing machine. Who needs just one when you can have 24?
6.) Kitchen towels
7.) Bath towels
8.) Hand towels
9.) Bath mats
10.) Toilet Paper
11.) Mr. Clean Erasers
12.) The box of hot tea we gave grandma for her birthday
13.) Mexican Food leftover containers
14.) grass- only the long weedy kind with lots of prickly pieces
15.) mommy's purse and the advil bottle and victoria's secret lotion inside. Luckily the advil bottle is not only child proof but doggy proof as well
16.) thong underwear
17.) socks
18.) Their own chew toys- Abby prefers the Kong stuffed with peanut butter and dog food while Ranger seems to like it stuffed with sliced turkey and melted cheese. They also like their rope toys, but Abby ate hers up in about 20 minutes. Even though they eat everything, we love them to pieces and are working on guiding them in the right direction. :)

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notaio said...

that is quite a list!! hahaha so funny cause my cousins dog ate rocks, paper towels and an entire bowl of fruit when we were in MI this past week!!! dogs!!