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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with Michael and Marla

The holidays were so busy for us. We spent Christmas Eve at my folks' house, eating dinner and opening gifts. We spent Christmas morning at Mike's parents' house eating breakfast and opening gifts. At about 12:30, we went back over to my parents' house because my side of the family was coming into town for Christmas dinner. Michael and I decided that we would exchange gifts with one another on the 23rd. The puppies were right in the middle of all the action. Thank goodness they were tired and well behaved- they hardly got into any trouble at all. They patiently waited on their beds the entire time we opened presents, and only retrieved a little bit of wrapping paper trash.

Ranger really liked my new Ugg boots. They reminded him of an animal he once dreamed of hunting.

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tara said...

love you! so sad i will miss you and amie at the reunion!! sniff! hope to see you soon in cali! xoxo tara