Friends of Ranger and Abby

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Portraits of the pups

Look closely at Ranger's nose. He's the one behind bars. We opened a nice bottle of wine to have with dinner the other night. We set the glass on top of the wine bar- a good 3 feet up in height- and went to cook the meal in the kitchen. A few seconds later, Ranger discovered that he liked wine too. We heard a crashing noise and ran into the living room. Broken glass and fine wine were splattered everywhere, and Ranger and Abby were licking it all up. We sentenced them to an hour inside their kennel while we cleaned and cooked. Ranger has wine residue left on his nose. I wasn't so much disappointed with the broken glass as I was that yummy expensive wine went to waste. What a bummer. Needless to say- we have learned our lesson. Do not leave the dogs unattended with beverages of any type in the room.

Rain or shine- our doggies go out twice a day for a walk. It has really been storming here lately, so we have gotten really good at the art of rinsing, towel drying, and blow drying the dogs. Abby loves the towel dry part. She collapses onto the dry towel, head first, with her booty sticking up in the air. She rubs her face on the towel and tries to bite at it. Her tail happily wags as you dry her off and she looks so pretty when its all done.

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