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Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank goodness the kennel came today!

Today's Schedule:
4:30 A.M.- Wake up for morning walk... look at each other and decide, "Damn this is early. Are we really going to do this regularly?" Go back to bed. Lay there thinking about the dogs...
4:45 A.M.- Decide they need a morning walk. Get out of bed again and suit 'em up for the neighborhood.
5:00 A.M.- Leave the house and go for a run. Ranger and Mike went right and Marla and Abby went left.
5:30 A.M.- Breakfast and play time outside
Watch Marla get ready for work, watch her eat her breakfast, and watch the news.
7:00 A.M.- Left in laundry room.
7-12 What the heck happened here? Who knows what they did, but when I arrived home from work, I noticed that the glass window embedded in the door was shattered. All the glass fell outside, and thankfully no one was hurt. I am assuming they were jumping on the door to see out, and knocked the window out. Granted, the door came with the house in 1952 so we were about due for another one.
12:00-4 Went for a walk with Marla- I tried taking both of them. It's getting a little easier. Went for a bike ride with Marla, one at a time. Then we tried the walk again. Played in the hose. Took a nap.
When Michael came home from work, we went for one last walk with our separate dogs, put up the new kennel which arrived via  just in time, and fixed the window with some plywood for now. My husband is absolutely exhausted, but we'll get some good sleep tonight and see what tomorrow holds for us. Hopefully a new door will be in the near future.

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