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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome Home!!!

Our first weekend in Long Beach
 The babies arrived at 8:00 A.M Saturday morning and were introduced to their new backyard. Their first day was filled with everything new... new pack leaders, new backyard, a change in weather and the introduction to humidity, new toys, and even new grandparents. They adjusted pretty well though and are making themselves right at home. Ranger and Abby  know how to wait for their food and receive it as an award for their walk. The picture below shows their patience, even with new pack leaders.
      After a long walk, they were so tuckered out. They rested for a good portion of the day. They barked a little during the night, but Mike "sssst" them and they eventually fell asleep.
     Day two was even better than day one. They went for 3 walks today and Ranger has really improved on the leash. He likes his backpack too. Abby seems to be a pro at walking and only needs a little bit of correcting. Walking them separately though seems to be the best way to walk them, so far. After their nighttime walk, they played for a bit in the backyard, and now they're snuggling up, head to rear at the base of the couch. Cheers to a relaxing evening with Sex and the City on the tube and the kiddos fast asleep at our feet. :)


Jo Anne said...

Well, it sounds like the new babies are settling in quite nicely. They look very happy with their new digs.

Matt and Amanda said...

Im So glad everything is going well! And they look so happy! Thanks again and i LOVE the blog!! Keep it up, it makes me feel better! :)