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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where did they come from?

The Big Decision 
Funny thing happened! I went to visit my friend Amie in Arizona and happened to ask her about her sister and their dogs. "How's everyone doin?" She told me that they were great, but they were looking for a new happy home for two of their pups, Ranger and Abby. "I could be a great doggy mama," I thought to myself. But I had to run it by the husband who had a pattern of saying no to me in all the previous times I had asked for a dog. This time would be different though. After careful consideration of our time and finances, and not to mention hours of watching The Dog Whisperer, we felt we were ready to take on the job of exercising, training, and loving two beautiful yellow labs, Ranger and Abby. We know it will be hard for Matt and Amanda to be giving them up, so we created this blog to keep them updated and confident that they are in a happy healthy home!!! 
Meet Ranger and Abby...                                                    


mrs.johnson said...

They're soooooo Cute!!! We can't wait to meet them! Congrats:)
Love ya,
Erik and Rach

Kari said...

Can't wait to meet them!

travis said...